Is medicinal cannabis legal?

Medicinal cannabis is a legal treatment option in a number of countries, including Australia, Canada, the UK and some states in the US, which allow patients to have access to medicinal cannabis in special circumstances, usually in cases where other standard treatments have failed.

What areas of use has medicinal cannabis been shown to be effective in?

Clinical research is still underway into the benefits of medicinal cannabis, but medicinal cannabis has been shown to help people suffering from many different conditions, including:

  • Chronic pain
  • Sleep, mood disorders and mental health
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Epilepsy
  • Pain and spasticity caused by multiple sclerosis

Who can access medicinal cannabis?

The requirements and regulations governing who can access medicinal cannabis differ from country to country. Generally, medicinal cannabis can only be prescribed for patients by a registered medical practitioner after they have obtained government approval to do so. Speak to your Doctor about whether medicinal cannabis is appropriate for you.

How can I find a doctor to prescribe medicinal cannabis for my condition?

You should consult your specialist or GP about medicinal cannabis if you think it will help your condition – depending on the state or country you live in, you may need a referral to a specialist to obtain a prescription.

Althea Concierge can help you find a local doctor who is familiar with prescribing medicinal cannabis.

What should I ask my doctor?

Questions you should consider asking your doctor include:

  • Is medicinal cannabis used to treat my condition?
  • What benefits could medicinal cannabis treatment have for my condition?
  • Are there any risks for me if I start taking medicinal cannabis for my condition?

It may also be helpful to do some research of your own on the use of medicinal cannabis for your condition before talking to your specialist or GP.

What if my doctor says “no” to medicinal cannabis?

Talk with your doctor about why you’re seeking treatment with medicinal cannabis and if it’s appropriate for you and your condition. Medicinal cannabis may not work for everyone and should only be considered after other standard treatment options have been explored.

If your doctor isn’t familiar with the process for prescribing medicinal cannabis and would like to talk to someone, you can put them in touch with us. We may also be able to help you connect with a local doctor who is familiar with prescribing medicinal cannabis. Contact Althea.

Althea’s Concierge can also help you find a local doctor who is familiar with prescribing medicinal cannabis.

How do I access medicinal cannabis products once I have a prescription?

You will be able to fill out your prescription at a pharmacy which dispenses medicinal cannabis – your doctor can give you advice on where to fill your prescription. You can also find a list of pharmacies that dispense Althea medicinal cannabis products through Althea Concierge.

Will I get high while taking medicinal cannabis?

The doses of medicinal cannabis that you take will be carefully controlled to reduce the risk of experiencing side effects. Products that contain a higher ratio of THC are more likely to cause you to feel ‘high’, but in most cases the dose will be too small for you to experience this effect. THC is also often paired with CBD, which counteracts the ‘high’ that THC can cause.

You should talk your doctor if you are worried about any potential side effects.

Do I smoke medicinal cannabis?

Most medicinal cannabis therapies use cannabis oil or soft gel capsules, which are administered orally, although dried flower products are available. It is recommended to vaporise dried cannabis for inhalation rather than smoking.

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