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ASX Announcements

  1. Appendix 2A
  2. Supply and Distribution Agreement for UK and Jersey
  3. Share Purchase Plan Offer Document
  4. Cleansing Notice
  5. Appendix 2A
  6. CBD Medicines Available For Over-The-Counter Sale From 2021
  7. Investor Presentation
  8. Proposed issue of Securities - AGH
  9. Althea Announces Capital Raising to Support Ongoing Growth
  10. Trading Halt
  11. Strong UK Sales Combine For Record Revenue In November
  12. Althea Expands Into South Africa With New Supply Agreement
  13. Peak To Manufacture US Cannabis Brand Tinleys In Canada
  14. Results of Meeting
  15. CEO's Address To Shareholders
  16. Investor Webinar on Peaks Fast Start Readying for Germany
  17. Althea Products Approved for Sale in Germany
  18. Peak Lifts Expected Revenue With Two New Agreements
  19. Appendix 2A and Appendix 3G
  20. Cleansing Notice
  21. Corporate Governance Statement
  22. Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
  23. Appendix 4C - quarterly
  24. Ceasing to be a substantial holder
  25. Appendix 2A
  26. Health Canada Licence Granted - Peak Operations to Commence
  27. Notice of Release from Escrow
  28. Investor Webinar - Interim Decision to Down Schedule CBD
  29. CBD Products to Become Available Over the Counter
  30. Becoming a substantial holder
  31. Appendix 4G
  32. Annual Report to Shareholders
  33. Online Sales Drive Record Revenue in July
  34. Statement Pursuant to Listing Rule 4.7C
  35. Appendix 4C - quarterly
  36. Althea Launches Online Sales of Medicinal Cannabis Products
  37. MyAccess Clinics Enters Drug Science Project Twenty21
  38. Peak Signs Production Agreement With Collective Project
  39. Response to Appendix 3Y Query
  40. Althea Executes Germany Supply And Distribution Agreement
  41. Appendix 4C - quarterly
  42. Final Evidence Package Submitted to Health Canada - Updated
  43. Final Evidence Package Submitted to Health Canada
  44. Significant Progress Across Australia, UK and Canada
  45. Extension of Voluntary Escrow
  46. Change of Director's Interest Notice
  47. Ceasing to be a substantial holder from PDL
  48. Half Yearly Report and Accounts
  49. Strong Patient Growth in January
  50. Investor Presentation
  51. Appendix 4C - quarterly
  52. Althea Exceeds 4000 Patients with 48% Month on Month Growth
  1. Whistleblower Policy
  2. Althea approaching 4,000 patients in Australia
  3. Results of Meeting
  4. 2019 AGM CEO Address
  5. Althea Passes 3,000 Patient Milestone
  6. MyAccess Clinics Secures Licence with UK Health Regulator
  7. Althea to Supply Product for Clinical Trial
  8. Althea Commences German Market Entry
  9. Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
  10. Becoming a substantial holder from PDL
  11. Althea Launches New Full Spectrum CBD Product
  12. Change in substantial holding
  13. Change of Director's Interest Notice
  14. Change of Director's Interest Notice
  15. Change of Director's Interest Notice
  16. Althea Extends Product Supply Agreement Until 2027
  17. Trading Halt
  18. Pause in Trading
  19. Change of Director's Interest Notice
  20. Change of Director's Interest Notice
  21. Appendix 3B
  22. Cleansing Notice
  23. Althea Completes Acquisition of Peak Processing Solutions
  24. Appendix 4C, Market Update and Peak Processing LOI
  25. Results of Meeting
  26. Chairman's Address to Shareholders (Peak Acquisition)
  27. Althea Reaches 2329 Patients After Record Month
  28. Change in substantial holding
  29. Waiver of ASX Listing Rules 7.3.2 and 10.13.3
  30. Notice of General Meeting
  31. Investor Presentation
  32. Investor Update
  33. Change of Director's Interest Notice
  34. Annual Report to shareholders
  35. Appendix 4G
  36. Cleansing Notice
  37. Appendix 3B
  38. Althea Reaches 1523 Patients after Record Month
  39. Althea Supplies First UK Patient
  40. Appendix 4C - quarterly
  41. Investor Presentation
  42. Reinstatement to Official Quotation
  43. Acquisition and Capital Raising
  44. Voluntary Suspension from Official Quotation
  45. Trading Halt
  46. Althea to Supply Product for First UK Medical Cannabis Pilot
  47. First UK Prescription and Facility Planning Permit
  48. Althea Achieves 1,000 Patient Milestone
  49. PAC Partners Hong Kong Conference Presentation
  50. Althea Granted Hemp Licence
  51. Althea Launches Concierge UK Platform
  52. Securities Dealing Policy
  53. Investor Update
  54. Details of Company Address
  55. Company Secretary Appointment
  56. Appendix 4C - quarterly
  57. Change of Director's Interest Notice
  58. Change of Director's Interest Notice
  59. Investor Update
  60. Final Director's Interest Notice
  61. Director Appointment and Resignation
  62. Half Year Accounts and Report
  63. Appendix 4D
  64. Product Supply and Distribution Agreement with Cannvalate
  65. MEDIC Education Portal
  66. Althea expands into the UK
  67. Appendix 4C - Quarterly
  68. Althea reaches 300 patient milestone

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