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Our user-friendly service connects everyday Australians with a panel of independent doctors who have experience and knowledge about prescribing medicinal cannabis so they are well qualified to determine patient eligibility.

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Here’s how Australians can qualify for medicinal cannabis therapy...

  • Browse our Doctor database to find your nearest experienced medical practitioner. Select from a list of over 200 doctors and partner clinics throughout Australia.
  • Book through your selected Doctor's appointment system. Many Doctors now offer online bookings.
  • Your selected Doctor will work with you to explore options and determine appropriate treatment. Following a consultation with a GP or Specialist, patients may be prescribed medicinal cannabis as a therapeutic option, usually in cases where other standard treatments have failed, and often in combination with other standard therapies.

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This functionality is only available to residents in Australia.

Understanding medicinal cannabis

Althea Concierge™

Althea Concierge™ is a free user-friendly online platform supporting patients and healthcare professionals since 2018. As a leading industry support platform, Althea Concierge™ is accessed daily by medical practitioners to provide the best possible care for thousands of Australians, by facilitating the regulatory approval process and providing potential treatment options for conditions that have not gained relief from first line treatments.

Under the care of a GP or Specialist, you can register with Althea Concierge™ to support your medicinal cannabis journey with a pharmacy locator, interactive treatment plan, symptom assessment tool and monitoring plan.

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This functionality is only available to residents in Australia.